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NEW EML 2515-AJ AS-3015-NTK + ULS- 3015-NTK

We are pleased to introduce our new EML 2515 AJ AMADA machine combined with integrated fiber laser, the most technologically advanced in this field. Thanks to its performances, it was immediately considered by Emel S.r.l. as a must-have machine so much so that Emel S.r.l. was one of the first companies in Italy and Europe to install it.
In addition to the undisputed value of its 3KW laser, developed by AMADA (manufacturer), the plant offers excellent manufacturing possibilities thanks to the automatic tool change (220 punches and 440 dies) and the digital identification of the tools. This allows to constantly monitor the conditions to ensure processing quality. The system not only replaces the nozzles, but also cleans them and calibrates the cutting head at each change.
The special attention paid to the high level of quality performance is also linked to a special anti-scratch ZR turret, completely covered by a brush table, which allows the use of punching units that do not cause scratches on the underside of the sheet metal.

EML 2515 AJ AMADA was designed to leave nothing to chance; the design does not even neglect the safety aspects thanks to the use of a protective cover that completely encloses the work table to prevent the laser beam from escaping and to safeguard the operator during manual unloading and loading operations.
The AS-3015-NTK + ULS-3015-NTK model installed at Emel S.r.l. is equipped with two towers for storing the material, one for the raw material and one for the finished product, and with a system to separate micro-joined pieces. In the first tower, the metal sheets are placed on pallets and then automatically loaded into the machine to be processed. At the end of the process, the unloading robot picks up the parts through the suction cups and places them reliably on the unloading pallets located in the second tower. The tool for removing parts also uses unloading clamps to remove “skeletons” or micro-joined sheets by moving them into a container. This system ensures extreme flexibility and production efficiency.

The most advanced technology in the field of combined punching-laser machines.

Equipped with the 3 kW AMADA fiber source and a 30 ton electric punching unit